CopyrightX Lecture Transcripts Book

Version 1.2 (Updated 7 February 2018) Word Document
PDF File
Images and Diagrams


The CopyrightX lecture videos provided by Prof. Fisher are fantastic. However, I find it quicker and easier to read. While doing the CopyrightX: UCT course in 2017, I decided to convert the transcripts into a document. I found that the transcribed text alone is not enough, so I added the images, diagrams and text Prof. Fisher refers to in the lectures. The result is the above book.

I plan to revise it as the videos are updated. However, because I've completed the course, I'll have to remember to check for new versions every now and then. If one has been out for a while but I haven't updated the document, please send me a mail. It's a long document and while I've worked hard to edit it, there are no doubt still faults in need of correction; feel free to let me know if you spot anything.